Proslat : THE outstanding wall storage system

Gestion Redwood distributes and install the Proslat wall storage system.

Gestion Redwood has selected an outstanding wall storage system for it’s clientele.
Made in Quebec, the Proslat system is versatile, sturdy and affordable.

Proslat is:

Versatile. Can be installed in the garage, walk-in, tool shed, etc. Gestion Redwood favours this sturdy affordable, made in Quebec product. Also suitable for stores, wharehouses and daycare centre.

Sturdy. Made of high density PVC, it will support up to 75 lbs a linear foot. Water, humidity and mildew resistant.

Affordable. Manufactured from recycled material, easy to install, the Proslat system offers great value.

Gestion Redwood distributes and unstalls the Proslat storage system, Contact us for more information on this outstanding storage system solution.

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