Company Profile

The associates at Gestion Redwood cumulate over 25 years experience in construction, renovation and real estate.

Their experience enables them to offer integrated housing management.

Services to home owners:

Renovation. Renovation from basement to the attic including plans and execution;
Interior design. Plans, specifications, counselling;
Construction such as patio, veranda, garage or house extension;
Pre-purchase inspection;
Home conversion for disabled people;
Home theater planning and installation together with our electronic technicians;
Management of specialized labor.

Services to self home builders:

Suitable land research for your home;
Counselling and project analysis by our specialists;
Assistance in obtaining building permit;
Construction management to completion;
Hiring and managing qualified subcontractors.

Services to Home Builders:

Implementation of a sales force for your housing project;
Development and application of sales strategies;
Development and creation of sales tools such as website, printed material, photo, video, etc.

Backed by their experience, partners at Gestion Redwood offer you the best integrated management service for your projects.

We will be happy to discuss your project and answer your questions.

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